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Giulio Di Anastasio, 04/08/2020 16:18

Tags retained after re-import of same geometry

The linework for infrastructure survey carried out by Eric Chacra in May 2020 was originally imported with a problem of ambiguity in the "Accuracy" table and in the "Accuracy" table.
The result was that lines did not inherit the attributes survey date, accuracy, equipment, surveyor.
Nevertheless lines were displayed on the Gisaf map, without these attributes, and tags were given to some of these lines.

The values for the two tables ("Accuracy", "Accuracy") have been corrected, ambiguity resolved.
The lines in the layers V-ELEC-UGND------E and V-COMM-CABL------E have been then reimported, the attributes have been properly assigned, and the tags have been retained.

4 August 2020