CSR Geomatics

CSR Geomatics

Main concepts and tasks

- Is a project under CSR - Auroville Centre for Scientific Research

- Works on geospatial and related information collected in and around Auroville.

- Follows a scientific approach for data collection and organization.

- Promotes the use and the development of open source software.

- Uses software engineering tools like git repositories, ticket tracking systems, etc.


The concept of geomatics is explained here:

CSR Geomatics develops, maintains and publishes data on the web site:

CSR Geomatics project is stored at

CSR Geomatics email id is

Development of the main application

The scope of Gisaf is designed to work together with the workflow and processes of our team.

At the same time, Gisaf is designed to be flexible, and has the potential to become a public release for small organizations integrating topographical surveys in a GIS platform.

Gisaf consists of 2 parts:


The server component is written in Python with geographic and many other libraries, and aggregates APIs, network protocols, data sources.


The web interface (and mobile application) is written with Angular, with many libraries including Mapbox-gl, Plotly, Graphql, ...

The development is done in Jupyter with Python and data analysis libraries like Pandas, GeoPandas, ...

Data collection and processing

CSR Geomatics Studio collects information directly from the field (like topographic surveys, wells water levels, wastewater treatment systems health check-up), or from sensors and connected devices (water pressure transducers for automatic water level monitoring in selected wells, water ultrasonic flowmeters), and indirectly from public resources and other local parties. Both the geospatial and the temporal information are recorded for all collected data.

All these information need to be standardised, organised and processed in order to be orderly displayed online, and to allow any user to extract, analyse and integrate them for purposes such as water management, with a great potential for several uses in Auroville community.

The software which has been created from scratch by CSR Geomatics to serve the purpose of storing, displaying and analysing all data is called GISAF

The Team

Currently, the team consists of:






The Office location

CSR Geomatics office is on the first floor of the main building of CSR - Auroville Centre for Scientific Research - in Auroshilpam.