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GIS: Online Jupyer notebooks
Added by Philippe May over 3 years ago

Gisaf: September 2020 updates
New portions of freshly brewed updates
Added by Philippe May almost 4 years ago

Gisaf: The lockdown updates
The AV CSR Geomatics main office was closed due to the "Covid lockdown". Yet, we worked a lot from home on long term aspects, eg: the integrated admin interface is now quite stable, not mentioning the many changes "under the hood" updates.
Added by Philippe May about 4 years ago

Gisaf: Integrity checks and database maintenance
Tools for improvements of the quality of the data
Added by Philippe May about 4 years ago

Gisaf: Online administration
Following the road map to improve integration, and prepare publicly workable releases
Added by Philippe May over 4 years ago

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