GIS: Major update

Added by Philippe May 11 months ago

A whole new version of the site is available online: a new look, and a deep revamp under the scene.

Few new features:

  • Dashboards, defined in Jupyter notebooks
  • Search (filter) the element displayed on the map
  • A button on the map which allows to zoom on the selected layers (i.e. eventually, only the filtered items)
  • A new admin, well integrated with the main site, but still work-in-progress: it can currently only display the content of the tables.

Note that the "old" admin, which is still required for much of the work like imports/baskets, is available at another URL: /old-admin

GIS: Data for Residential Zone

Added by Philippe May 11 months ago

We have included the survey done so far for the Residential Zone. It includes more than 50000 survey points, and the associated line work.


    Also available in: Atom