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18:32 Gisaf Bug #9602 (Resolved): Map: ability to cancel download
Applied in changeset commit:gisaf|f6873e5cfddbb66fbbe4c9a6ec3fcdfbf6ad1ab3.
18:29 Gisaf Revision f6873e5c (gisaf): Cancel requests when layers are deselected and download pending (Fixes...
13:07 Gisaf Revision 80362d5b (gisaf): Fix removing layer when downloaded is not finished
13:06 Gisaf Revision 8f5026c4 (gisaf): Cosmetic
13:05 Gisaf Bug #9603 (New): Map: clean memory after removing layer
The memory doesn't decrease when a layer is removed.
13:03 Gisaf Bug #9602 (Resolved): Map: ability to cancel download
When a layer is being downloaded (checkbox mark indeterminate) and the user clicks again, the download should be canc...


13:42 Gisaf Support #9592 (Resolved): Follow up migration


20:04 Gisaf Support #9592 (Resolved): Follow up migration
There was a hectic migration of gisdb to bullseye, postgres 12, postGis 3.
The upgrade-cluster tool didn't work, s...
17:34 Gisaf Revision 97c0e017 (gisaf): Geojson API: patch for whenid to be in properties
Allows the use of faster PostGis queries
16:18 Gisaf Revision 1f5d56ff (gisaf): Option for models to get geojson directly
Implement for category based models

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