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18:05 GIS Bug #14386: Well level timing not recorded properly
I used (version 6.8), and exported the table as csv and these records are OK. See attac...
15:04 GIS Bug #14386: Well level timing not recorded properly
I check quickly and could not find such issue. This field in the database is "time stamp", which can include high pre...


12:41 GIS Support #14362 (Resolved): Gisaf/server unreachable
Found that there is network/electrical work in CSR.
But the server had network connectivity when i reached. Probab...
12:41 GIS 1.00 hour (Support #14362 (Resolved): Gisaf/server unreachable)
12:33 GIS Support #14362 (Resolved): Gisaf/server unreachable
As received from Giulio this morning by mail/matrix.
I could not connect from remote, so visit on site.


21:41 GIS Feature #14350 (Resolved): PgAdmin from remote
There was an issue with pgadmin installation, fixed (see below for tech. details).
You can use https://gis.avcsr.o...
21:41 GIS 0.20 hour (Feature #14350 (Resolved): PgAdmin from remote)
Fix and doc
21:41 GIS Feature #10151: PG ADMIN installation on server
Update: pgadmin is also available at


14:57 GIS Feature #14306: Cannot connect from QGis
The whole service seems to be down. I'll have to pass by - later this afternoon.


00:35 Gisaf Support #14269: Gisaf is not connecting
I cannot connect at all, the server is probably not accessible at all. Can you please cross-check that it's turned ON?

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