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15:34 GIS Feature #12075 (Resolved): CSR Weather Station not showing since 22 of april 2021
It's a relatively simple issue, but not so easy to describe in simple terms.
It happens usually after a server res...


00:13 Gisaf Revision 3228157f (gisaf): Bump NPM version: Angular Material
00:12 Gisaf Revision ec1e5e7f (gisaf): Bump NPM version: Angular
17:39 GIS Documentation #12077 (New): Reorganize the Wiki
Giulio told me (Phil) that the wiki has been "flatten" (all pages merged in a single page).
The reason was to be a...


12:57 GIS Support #12051 (New): Update pgadmin
Pgadmin now has a repository for the correct Debian version (Bullseye).
It was previously installed (on gisdb.csr....
11:55 GIS Support #12050 (Closed): Gisaf down after system upgrade
Could restart the server from CSR office => OK.
11:23 GIS Support #12050: Gisaf down after system upgrade
Lost network connection after system upgrade, going to CSR now.
11:23 GIS Support #12050 (Closed): Gisaf down after system upgrade
Gisaf map shows: "Error: [Errno 113] No route to host".
10:39 GIS Bug #12049 (Resolved): Gisaf Error
Error was due to yesterday's system updates.
The Redis server was automatically upgraded and thus restarted, and in ...
10:34 GIS Bug #12049 (In Progress): Gisaf Error
Working on it

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