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16:19 Gisaf Feature #10569: Well Masterfile/Repository
* Added support for entering well's lithology in old admin
* Added basic description of the lithology in the well's ...
15:56 Gisaf Revision 3b066bf6 (gisaf): Support for well litho in admin (refs #10569)
15:52 Gisaf Revision 9a444fed (gisaf): Cosmetic
15:51 Gisaf Revision eb1cd5ec (gisaf): Change vscode setting for starting the main app
15:50 Geomatic studio models for Gisaf Revision ba2a2d05: - Create Pyhton package for geo models
- Add well lithology basic support (refs #10569)


14:34 Gisaf Bug #10740 (Resolved): Change status: issue with projection system
See commit:53440261


01:16 Gisaf Revision 54ef7009 (gisaf): Remove breakpoint
01:08 Gisaf Bug #10979: Line work import: no geometries?
Should be fixed.
@Selvarani: please try _importing_ the latest line work file (just click the import button, no ne...
01:03 Gisaf Bug #10979 (Resolved): Line work import: no geometries?
Applied in changeset commit:gisaf|42d020246693c14434c98ffeae4407f38e032ac9.
17:35 Gisaf Feature #10741 (Resolved): Add a way for changing status of a feature, given its original id
Applied in changeset commit:gisaf|f8073022d9299f2fcdc0540ffe3d82595277b6c4.

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