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14:27 bung Bug #12907 (Rejected): Deprecated paths
Oops ;) It must be something i added from my first trial with Bung, back in 2018...
14:12 bung Bug #12907: Deprecated paths
Corrected typo in the description
12:57 Gisaf Feature #12714: Dana well correction factor changed
Sorry for the late follow-up.
One option is to shift all the values entered with the old reference. This can be do...
12:39 bung Bug #12907 (Rejected): Deprecated paths
I noticed that the default @/etc/systemd/system/bung.service@ contains:...
12:32 GIS Support #12895: Migrate backups to Bung
Thanks, looks OK to me.
Configure systemd service:...


16:56 GIS Support #12895: Migrate backups to Bung
Ran the command @super_bu -c /etc/bung/super_bu.conf@.
From the log file, it seems that bung deleted on the remote...
16:26 GIS Support #12895: Migrate backups to Bung
After a run with @super_bu -c /etc/bung/super_bu.conf@, found something happened:...
15:53 GIS Support #12895: Migrate backups to Bung
Copied the provided sample super_bu sample config to @/etc/bung/super_bu.conf@
Then added for postgres:
15:47 GIS Support #12895: Migrate backups to Bung
Installed the latest (3.1.1) Bung .deb from .
Installed packa...
15:36 bung Documentation #12898 (Closed): Confusion between postgresql_bu and postgres_bu
The documentation mentions @postgresql_bu@ (3.10), but the command is named @postgres_bu@

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