GIS, A Front-end.

Software for showing specific data for the Auroville GIS project.

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Latest news

September 2020 updates
New portions of freshly brewed updates
Added by Philippe May 8 months ago

The lockdown updates
The AV CSR Geomatics main office was closed due to the "Covid lockdown". Yet, we worked a lot from home on long term aspects, eg: the integrated admin interface is now quite stable, not mentioning the many changes "under the hood" updates.
Added by Philippe May 10 months ago

Integrity checks and database maintenance
Tools for improvements of the quality of the data
Added by Philippe May about 1 year ago

Online administration
Following the road map to improve integration, and prepare publicly workable releases
Added by Philippe May about 1 year ago

Web widgets
Added by Philippe May over 1 year ago

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