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11:01 GIS Support #14072 (Resolved): Gisaf very slow
Gisaf is very very slow, problem started this week (from 16 may 2022) and it is very difficult to conduct any operati...


15:54 GIS Documentation #13992 (New): Units for Wind speed in automatic weather stations
Dear Philippe, I came across this webpage which has been recently been set up by Bhuvan, the Indian Geo-Platform of I...
12:51 GIS Support #13991 (In Progress): Gisaf is again hung
This morning I tried to open Gisaf, but it looks it is hung again...
Please let me know if I need to do anything a...


15:55 GIS Bug #13885 (Resolved): Wrong name showing in the list of layers in the map
I tried twice to create a new survey category (Proposed Shed, Status F, name B65) and it was created. But both times,...


17:42 GIS Support #13883 (Resolved): Gisaf not responding - Possible issue with tag editing?
This morning Raj was editing some tags for platforms. Selvarani noticed that when Raj works on tags, then Gisaf stops...


15:52 GIS Support #13847: Gisaf not responding
Dear Philippe,
Sorry to disturb you but Gisaf is down again today.
Please check into it as soon as you can


17:19 GIS Support #13847 (New): Gisaf not responding
Today thee was power cut for the whole day. At a certain point there was not even Internet connection at the office. ...


11:21 Gisaf Bug #13805 (Resolved): Need to learn how to use tags on survey features
Today we (Raj and myself) tried to use tags for some survey features: we wanted to add a tag to a platform (we took a...


15:45 GIS Support #13763 (Resolved): Gisaf not responding
Dear Philippe,
I see that Gisaf is not responding right now, it is not connecting and the list of layer is also weir...


09:38 Gisaf Support #13642: Electrical problems: Server down
To turn the server off, please press the switch for not longer than 2 seconds.
To restart the server, first connec...

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