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14:52 Gisaf Bug #13478: gisaf.csr.av refused to connect
Yes, the address is the one we use in CSR, which does not work at the moment.
But we can access it through the link ...


17:48 Gisaf Bug #13478 (New): gisaf.csr.av refused to connect
Dear Philippe,
the old admin cannot be reached, kindly have a look at it


16:33 GIS Support #13447 (Resolved): Server down due to electrical power cut
Dear Philippe,
today there was some problem with electric power supply, and the server went down.
Selvarani tried t...
15:03 GIS Support #13445: Jupyter notebook for rnoff calculation: kernel not connecting
Attached screenshot of the icon with pop-up saying that the kernel is disconnected...
15:02 GIS Support #13445 (New): Jupyter notebook for rnoff calculation: kernel not connecting
Dear Philippe,
I tried to re-run the jupyter notebook to update the runoff model with all data from the survey done ...


15:48 Gisaf Support #13422: Gisaf is not working
To Selvarani:
Please do not write "Gisaf not working" as a title of ticket, but mention the type of error: in this c...


18:51 GIS Support #13259: Wrong data from CSR AmbientWeather weather station
Dear Philippe,
Sorry if I did not contact you earlier, but saturday evening our house was entirely flooded with more...


16:44 GIS Bug #13132 (Resolved): CSR Weather station missing data 28 nd 29 Otober 2021
From 5:00 pm on the 28th of October 2021, till 12:00 noon on the 29th of october 2021, the dashboard for CSR Weather ...


17:09 GIS Task #13115 (In Progress): Server not working after power cut
I have just been informed that there has been a few seconds power cut in CSR, following the all-day power cut. The Gi...


12:18 GIS Feature #12976 (New): Weather Station not recording data on 3rd October 2021
I have just noticed on the CSR weather Station Dashboard that the CSR Weather Station did not record any data other t...

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