Integrity checks and database maintenance

Tools for improvements of the quality of the data
Added by Philippe May about 4 years ago

Integrity checks

In Gisaf, the structure of the database and the processes (eg. basket imports) ensure that basics of the quality of the data is met. However, the quality of data can be improved further: data integrity.

Each integrity check is defined as a "business rule", like a condition that filters database records. Data matching these rules are tagged, and these tags can eventually be used for correction actions (automatic, semi-automatic, manual), reports, etc.

In Gisaf, this new feature is included in the admin. The first integrity check is for determining the map features which miss some information (surveyor). The integrity check tags the features, which are then easy to spot on the online map.


An other useful feature was added: a button to "vacuum" the database. The experience shows that under some circumstances (eg. uncontrolled shutdown), Postgres internals can be affected. The symptom is very visible in Gisaf's map: the tree of layers looks almost empty, as if all the data had vanished.

No panic! A simple click on a button in the web admin interface should fix that (Manage => Integrity and maintenance => Vacuum DB).