Online administration

Following the road map to improve integration, and prepare publicly workable releases
Added by Philippe May over 4 years ago

The recent releases of Gisaf include online admin/management tools, that were previously dealt with tweaks on a Flask admin sibling site.

As always, the web interface is relatively minimalist and task centered, it should be more intuitive and faster for daily routine work.

The most important of these features are:

  • Baskets: with lots of refactoring and major updates under the hood, adopting more GeoPandas. Note that points based models are now imported automatically, straight from the basket to the database.
  • Survey categories: the edition of the survey categories (addition, updates, deletions) do not require system admin intervention as previously, as Gisaf now creates, updates and drop the tables in the database when categories are changed from the new interface.
  • User, roles, access (ACLs)

With these updates, it is not required anymore to have an instance of Flask-admin running specific code (with annoying duplication of the definition of models, for example) for administration tasks.