The lockdown updates

The AV CSR Geomatics main office was closed due to the "Covid lockdown". Yet, we worked a lot from home on long term aspects, eg: the integrated admin interface is now quite stable, not mentioning the many changes "under the hood" updates.
Added by Philippe May about 4 years ago

Import baskets

  • Misc improvements and fixes
    • Many bug fixes for specific cases, as it's now part of the regular workflow of AV CSR Geomatics
    • Auto import (upload and import the data to the database in a single step)
    • Detailed user feedback about the imports
    • Baskets accept the newer geopackage format, along with the old style shapefiles
  • The "old admin" basket was deactivated. The "old admin" interface is now left only for convenience, for occasional minor updates.


  • Improvements and misc fixes for reconciliations (autocomplete when searching layer to reconcile to, etc)
  • Add a function (button) to change the status of features


The dropdown menu for selecting the feature to visualize is now filtered, with only the features that have something to actually display.


The location of tags is stored in the database. This allows a much needed feature: during the import of geographical data from the baskets, tags can be "migrated" to overlapping new features. This is mostly useful for tags that store record ids in another service/API.

Libraries updates

Little by little, Gisaf moves to use more vector-based processing (GeoPandas/Pandas/Numpy/PyGoes/rtree, etc) as the technology now enables easier integration with these more efficient tools for manipulation of lare amount of data.

Update of the plugin interfaces (tags, actions, etc)

  • Plugins are now better structured
  • New plugin types (downloader, which deals with the download of automatically generated data, eg. CSV files for readings, reports...)
  • This results to cleaner GUI (map's info panel => tools)

... And, as always: the performance of various operations was improved, many small bugs fixed, and minor improvements could be added :)