Summary of the updates in January 2020

Summary of few updates in Gisaf applied recently
Added by Philippe May over 3 years ago


Any view of the map can be shared with an URL (often called a permalink). That link will open the view (lat, lon, zoom, etc), along with the layers and the base map.

Live layers

The live layers now behave almost the same as any regular (database) layer: one can export using the same menu, view information.
Beside, they also can have a description (displayed on mouse over the live layer in the layer tree), an icon, etc.

Background layer opacity

The styling of vector background wasn't pretty due to the change of opacity. Changing opacity works now as expected.

User editable base map definitions

Any user with the relative role (permission) can now edit base map layer: add new ones, change or delete existing ones. See the Create a base map with the selected layers option of the More... menu in the left panel.


The icon for categories is now displayed correctly (with the GisafSymbol font, rather than a obscure Unicode value)


All known point layers known to date have a proper icon. Beside, the layer tree (left panel) now displays icons according to the geometry type (Point, Line or Polygon) rather than an _?_.

Under the wood improvements

- Huge performance/loading speed improvements for category (survey) and live layers, lesser improvement for the custom (Misc) ones

- Improved the styling of icons in the WebUI (no more css definitions necessary)

- Made the home page in the dashboard configurable

Bug fixes

Many small bugs were fixed in the map view:

- correct resize of the map when the info panel is closed

- layers disappearing on some occasions, eg. on changing the background layer, when network requests were interrupted, etc.

- reprojection issues, causing a wrong calculation of area, length displayed in the info panel