Civil 3D Miscellaneous Actions

CIVIL 3D Survey
Getting started- Always open a new drawing with a template.

Description key sets- (till 18:30)
As when the points come into the drawing, they are going to be filtered with description key sets and the description key sets will assign properties to the points.
Tool space > settings > points > description key sets
“Description key sets name”> edit key- to view the points in a list:
Automatic linework (18:30- till end)
Survey > Linework code sets- for automatic linework

Using Master view
copy styles from one drawing to other
copy drawing data from one drawing to other (data referencing)

Civil 3d surface model- from points- break lines
moving for example- point groups under point groups-

Civil 3D Planning and Analysis
Workspace: Planning and Analysis
1. Working with Object data (GIS Attributes)
Map Setup> Define object data> New table> Define new object data table start defining fields