Civil 3D Useful Commands

Making Feature line to polyline-

Select the feature line> go to elevation editor (under feature line tab> edit elevations)> select all the points in table, give elevation(this will give same elevation to all the points thereby making it possible to retain the curves in the polyline) > explode the feature line (use X enter)

Converting Circle to polyline-

BR > enter > break the circle at two points to obtain a part of circle.
PEDIT> enter> select the part of leftover circle> J > enter> Close> enter.


Explode the 2D polyline, and use the PEDIT command to convert the segments to polylines. Then join the polylines.

Viewing only the used layer in ACAD-

Set the value of SHOWLAYERUSAGE from 0 to 1

Convert 3d polyline to polyline-

COVERT3DPOLYS (Change the elevation of the polyline using properties manager to 0 in our case)

Generating contours from a Surface in Civil 3D

  1. In prospector, Create a point group of points needed to generate the contours from for example- TOPO elevation points or BLDG floor levels. If the point group is already present, then proceed to next step.
  2. Create a surface in the prospector> when creating the new surface, give the name and styling in the dialog box- styling used by us is "Triangles and surface- 0.1 and 0.5"> Assign the point groups in the surface as created in previous step.
  3. Go to the surface created in prospector and right click > Edit surface style> Turn on the Major and Minor contour.
  4. Turn on the layers for Major and Minor contours in Layers Manager (LA > enter)


• Properties manager - ctrl + 1
• To view 3D- Select and right click> object Viewer.
• To copy the Line - Copy and select the line enter
• To convert spline to polyline >Splinedit
• To export shapefile - Mapexport > follow the process.
• To assign coordinate system to the drawing - MAPCSLIBRARY
• To check coordinate system of the drawing- > TOOLSPACE> Settings> Right click on the drawing name > Edit settings