How to create a Survey database in Civil 3D

DB- Database
C3D- Civil 3D

1. Setting up the Working Folder

A working folder needs to be created where the survey databases gets stored. In the Toolbox > Right click on Survey databases > Set the working folder - Save the folder in the desired location. We are setting the Working Folder for the Civil 3D databases in C:

2. Creating a database

Right click on Survey databases > New local Survey database - Enter the name> click ok. A survey DB is created (It is in bold which signifies it is the current DB under use). Multiple DB's can be created. A survey DB can be opened for editing by right click > open for edit. It can be closed by right click > close for edits. A survey DB can also be opened as read-only by same procedures.

3. Setting up the database

Survey Database(abc) > Right click + Survey Database Settings > Specify co-ordinate Zone > Distance- Metre > Temperature - Celsius > Pressure - Millibars > Distance type - Horizontal > Vertical type - Vertical Distance.

Then the next step is to create the Networks under which the point data gets uploaded. For example in our case we have - TS and RTK

Components of Survey Database

Survey database in civil 3D has the following components when expanded.
  1. Import Events
  2. Survey Queries
  3. Networks
  4. Network Groups
  5. Figures
  6. Figure Groups
  7. Survey Points
  8. Survey point Groups