Portable Ultrasonic Flow Meter

Flow meter – for checking the flow of water in pipe

CSR bought ultrasonic flow meter from Chennai and the company (company name? )trained Bala and Vijai(CSR) on how to set it up.
we tested in the west water system pump in csr. then we test in many more place .
ami, aurodam and buddha garden borewell pumps . we got request from the water service
Cross check they flow meters .
so before that we want to know how our meter works.
so we tested in our tank . the pump pumping from our sump tank so the flow will be stranded. when you pump in the bore well the flow goes up and down.
we tested two times in 15 minutes.and one time 30 minutes,so we got variation between this three.
we find 1,5 % error but the flow meret they said 1 % error only.
we cross checked the flow meter of the water service we find some error in they meter also.
we tried they bore well flowmeter and they sump tank flow meter also.and we find some error also in they meters.
then we find some error in (AVWS) meter also.
It is used to check the flow of water in pipe
tools used
First the outer diameter of the pipe has to be entered in the device. It is measured using Vernier caliper
Then the thickness of the pipe is set which is also measured using vernier
Also the device asks for the material of the pipe. If the pipe material is know it can be set and if it not know then there is an option which is other (mostly PVC, HDPE, and iron)
After entering these details the device gives the spacing for the sensors. There are 2 sensors up and down which has to be fixed accordingly
When the sensors are fixed the motor is turned on and the sensors send reading to the display device
This is noted down once every minute and taken for 15 to 30 minutes. Then the average of this is determined. This is done because of the variation in the flow. This gives the flow rate in 1 hour.
This was done in different places to check to flow rate