QGis Plugins

Dzetsaka Classification tool for Vegetation indexing in QGIS

1. Install the plugin Dzetsaka classfication tool.
2. Open the Raster from the Survey.
3. Create a polygon shapefile for index sampling. Mark polygons and give the ID's (1,2,3 for Tree, grass, bare land etc) Cover the variations in samples as much as possible.
More the samples, better the indexing.
4. Apply Dzetsaka Classification tool, Select the base raster and the sample- index polygon shapefile created in step 3.
5. The result is a Raster with DN numbers specified in the Shapefile in step 3.
6. Apply the Sieve raster command (Raster> Analysis> Sieve)- Try different threshold numbers and view the results till the noise is removed from the Raster.
7. Polygonise the Raster to Vector (From processing)
8. Run the v.generalise tool on the shapefile. This tool removes the pixelated boundaries of the polygons in the Vector.