Reconciliation of points - OLD SYSTEM

The points are noted with their codes from and codes to reconcile into. ADD!! - to be written

Reconcilation of Raw survey data using pgAdmin

For changing the layer codes, to be done using Pgadmin.

Enter Schema> AVSM RAW Survey > Tables > select the table> Right click - View edit data > All rows. Apply filter to the original id and note the Database id's to be reconciled.

GISAf Admin> Other > Reconciliation. Create > Add the database (point) id and give the new target corresponding to the database id to be changed. (Use the Layer name in target not Raw layer name).

Other > Project > select the project > with selected> reconcile RAW survey points.

Giulio's documentation

Documentation - Reconciliation of points using Gisaf

Reconciliation of points is a procedure used when a point is stored in a wrong table, because its category was either wrongly recorded in the field by the surveyor, or it has ben reviewed later by the surveyor or the data validator and found to be wrong.

Definition: Raw points are all points coming from the field survey. Raw points can be points referring to a Point feature (e.g. trees, or elevation points, or floor level), or points measured in the field to draw a line (e.g. the vertices of a fence) or a polygon (e.g. the corners of a building outline).

In the overall workflow, reconciliation affects only raw points. It takes place after the field textfile is uploaded into the basket and its points imported (raw points stored in the raw survey tables). Here you can visualize the Workflow diagram: Survey_data.

If a raw point refers to a point feature, reconciling it means moving it to another category/table meant for point features, not for lines/polygons. So, only raw points of point features can be reconciled. Raw points pertaining to line features and/or polygon features cannot be reconciled, so these raw points will remain in their original wrong table.

The attributes of a line/polygon, which are derived from their defining raw points, will not be modified by any reconciliation, because only raw points of point features can be reconciled.

How to perform Reconciliation

To perform reconciliation of points: Login to Gisaf -> click on the G icon on the upper-left corner of the website page -> Manage -> Reconciliation by orig.ID

On the right end side of the screen, clicking on the field "Destination" a list of all categories will appear: these categories refer not to the Raw survey tables, but to the V_ tables of the database (points, lines, polygons).

Under it, in the field "Original ID", the original point number of the point to be reconciled is to be entered.

Clicking on the "Search points" button, the result shows the database unique id of the point, its survey category, its survey date, its geometry type (point, line, polygon), and the Project the point belongs to. In case of multiple points with the same original id (in case of different Projects, the field number of points might be not unique if the numbering of points in the field has restarted) all points having that original id are displayed: thanks to their date or Project or type, it is easy to identify the correct point to be reconciled.

Once the point to be reconciled is identified, clicking on the button "Reconcile" will run the reconciliation, and a message will appear stating that it has been done successfully. An error message can appear if a reconciliation of a raw point of a line/polygon feature has been attempted: this type of points cannot in fact be reconciled.

Once a raw point has been reconciled, it cannot be reconciled again. In case a raw point has been wrongly reconciled, it cannot be reconciled again through the above procedure, but it has to be reconciled manually through QGis or pgadmin software.