Weather Station

Ambient Weather weather station

We have purchased a WS2902A weather station (
Firmware version: 4.0.2.


The operating manual of the weather station can be found at



Set up the wifi of the console using the "Ambient Tool" phone application. IP address given by DHCP on the router is:

Local communication

Fail so far: the only exposed port is TCP/45000. Telnet doesn't show any activity. Nothing found on Internet on this protocol.

One interesting project may come, hijacking the connection to cloud services:

Cloud connection

We'll create an account on (and eventually on and/or, and:

  • have the console upload data to there
  • gisaf to retrieve our WS data from there

Notes on Console

The daily rainfall data displayed in the console resets at 00.30 every night

Plan for future

Beside living well,