Wells Documentation

Documentation of the wells in Auroville started afresh in September 2017 by Bala working with the Water Group. He used a mobile GPS to record co-ordinates and took pictures along with other data related to a well. An effort was made to reconcile data by identification of the wells with existing data from Auroville Water Harvest which ceased to exist around 2007/2009. In some cases the codes on the well on location (sometimes there is a code on the pump, on the casing or on a nearby wall) helped in reconciliation but mostly by spatial mapping using QGIS. Some wells could not be reconciled due to absence of any nearby well in old data. However, we are publishing all the wells we have documented so far.

Terms of reference

Well status

  1. In use Well is equipped with functioning a pump
  2. Not in use Well is not equipped with a functioning pump. (Special case- well is equipped with a non functioning pump)
  3. Closed Well is closed/ sealed/ abandoned, (Historical reference)

Note: Wells with pump under repair (temporary measure) at the time of survey are treated as In use.