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Giulio, Jeanne, Meera, Pavneet, Philippe, Raj, Ram, Tency





Round table

Sharing updates by each member of the team


Working on Post-processing of Survey data. Working on selection of wells for piezometers and for manual measurements restructuring


Worked on Humanscape Phase 1B buildings stake-out
Going to work in Quiet for 1 day, for placing benchmarks to evaluate land erosion by the sea. Working on Residential Zone survey: the stretch between Deepanam and Mahalakshmi home in the Mahalakshmi Park has been completed, next will be the stretch between Farewell and Arka


His work is doing the prism man for topo survey. He started the training with Raj about setting the base for RTK survey, and soon he will also start the training for complete use of Total Station.


Working on Post-processing of points of Matrimandir survey. Working with Pavneet for wells selection for piezometers and restructuring. Studying published available literature about water budget.


Attempting to establish a method for evaluation of incoming and outgoing flows into/from waste water treatment systems. Trying to evaluate quantity of treated water used for different users (offices, domestic, industrial, etc). Published data on Gisaf with Philippe.


Trying to conduct health check-up of some tretament plants. She faces problems in reaching residents. It was agreed to first try to contact, but in case of no reply, she will go on with the check-up. Time needed for the work is much longer than expected.


Helped Jeanne and Meera with publication of WWTP data on Gisaf. Working on structure of Gisaf. Planning to change the base map from Leaflet to Mapbox, going from raster- to vector-based map.


Trying to fix electrical problems in CSR. Residential Zone WWTP: electrical supply is finalised, some small cabling issue to be sorted out due to financial constraints.


We are we?

Some members of this group are not members of Water Group. It would be nice to acknowledge their work, to give them visibility and recognition for their work at a larger scale. Suggestion not to make them part of the Water Group itself, rather a possible Technical group definition. To be finalised in the next meeting

Giulio's absence

Pavneet needs to finalise the list of wells for piezometers with Giulio, and check some post-processing doubts
Raj and Ram will go on with the survey in RZ. Giulio will receive requests for Projects surveys, and will update Ram, Raj, Pavneet and Philippe via mail. Either Pavneet or Philippe should accompany Raj and Ram during site visits with aurovilian project holders, to mediate possible difficult requests.
Jeanne and Meera would like to discuss how to go on about evaluation of flows, together with Giulio, Gilles and Tency
Philippe will start working on data analysis, in order to have a tool for the water budget. He will also investigate about a compact weather station
Tency would like to see the resilience of the team when one member is TOS. He is also concerned about equipment safety.

Jeanne departure

Jeanne's visa will expire in mid august. She is planning to renew it for one year and go on with her work on waste water systems. Nevertheless she will be TOS for one or two months after 15th of august.

Meera's working engagement

Meera started working on WWTP at beginning of March 2018, thanks to an agreement with L'avenir, duration of which is 6 months. She would like to complete satisfactorily the work she is actually engaged with.

Conference on Open Street Map Projects in Bangalore.

After presenting the initiative of Bangalore, it was decided to anyhow register for the event, at the same time explore details of the next FOSS4G conferences on QGis (the next will be in Dar Es Salaam in August 2018, perhaps too early).

Dassault Systemes

It was agreed for the skype chat with Dassault representative in the next coming days.

Action Points


  • Will share excel file with list of residents community wise, with all mails grouped by communities #5975
  • Will contact Dassault Bangalore to fix the skype chat #5977.

Philippe and Pavneet

  • Registration for Bangalore Open Street Map conference #5978

Pending Topics

Who are we?

To be continued...