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Pavneet, Philippe, Ram, Raj, Meera

Chair: Meera
Meeting Notes: Pavneet


Pavneet won't be here from Thursday to next saturday for short leave
Jeanne not here for this week.



*Residential area health-check not able to kick start because of no response from the residents so updating the Masterfile meanwhile.
*Also meeting people, for example cristo for information.
*No response from Water Service, they had agreed to share the water consumption data but haven't shared it yet.
*Have started thinking about the presentation to TDC
*Going to meet the TDC members for discussing her works over there, after August.


*slight changes in GISAF, discussed with pavneet- work going on. Need to go into more depth for that.
*spent a lot of time understanding MODFLOW, feels out of his domain therefore will need involvement of somebody from the background or understanding of concepts specific to this field. like Jeanne, Giulio, could be discussed. Philippe can do what his domain is in it.


*into discussion with Philippe to explore the possibilities of 3D GIS- Philippe contacted somebody who is into 3D modelling softwares/ 3D graphical softwares and works with the schools in auroville. Can be a possibilty to reach out to involve students and provide a project to work on - to 3D Auroville itself! to be seen, response awaited from the person.
*3D GIS being a new domain requires a lot of research- till now, not very clear about how it works, looking for connecting to people for understanding this field. Doing internet research on it.
*Working with Raj and Ram with the linework workflow, updating changes/evolving when needed.


*Humanscapes will be done by tomorrow, comparatively fast as already had worked on it.
*checked the other sites for work in RZ - Creativity, Arati etc. seems ok, Invocation looks complex.
*for the project with lalit, will go to site today to check the clearance of the trees. will update when he can start.


*Same comments as Raj and continuing the linework- processing of survey data


Philippe- Some facts: Water service is not a "service" in Auroville like road service etc. It is a commercial unit. Confusion arises due to the use of suffix service. Does this needs any addressal?
Questions about how to do the Water pipes surveys. Usually nobody knows where is the connections, sometimes its not even clear from the manholes itself. This is an important aspect of Water infrastructure management? It should be addressed - Will lead to network map of for example of ponds/channels- important for the Water budget. Something to discuss with Giulio.
Questions- are there any permissions required outside in the surrounding villages for drilling borewells?
Raj- Yes, incase for agricultural use, they have to so that they can obtain electricity.
Pavneet- Is there a process in place to ask for building completion certificate in form of plans which ideally show the plumbing network, electricity network for the building- somethinig like a detailed site plan? While this could be a solution to map the water pipes for future buildings.
Meera- No such completion certificates are required as of now.


Who we are, what we do

Some thoughts- Pavneet - What is the role of Water group itself?

Brainstorming with some words:

  • CSR
  • DST
  • Water plan
  • Survey
  • Mapping

Maybe a good thing not to define our group exactly? is important to be able to define it to people who ask the question as to what we do and what we are.

Maybe the process brings us together.