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From the introduction paper (

_Time <pre>
series analysis is an increasingly popular method to analyze heads measured in an observation well. Common applications include the quantification of the effect of different stresses (rainfall, pumping, etc.), and the detection of trends and outliers. Pastas is a new and open source Python package for the analysis of hydrogeological time series. The objective of Pastas is twofold: to provide a scientific framework to develop and test new methods, and to provide a reliable ready‐to‐use software tool for groundwater practitioners.

Pastas is a Python library that based on Pandas and Jupyter, and defines models for groundwater behavior based on a practical set of parameters (stresses).

I'll try it with our data in Jupyter notebooks, and post here my findings.

@Giulio: i suggest you have a look at the link above, as it looks very interesting for us.