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Boundary Stones Updation

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So far, Boundary Stones have been stored in one single category, V-TOPO-BDST, name:T2.

Boundary stones have been surveyed in two ways:
  1. by our team, when they found a stone in the field and they thought it is a Boundary Stone, but it has not been confirmed by Land Board because LB did not visit the place. We can call these stones as Unconfirmed Boundary Stones, and the category is the old one we were using for boundary stones (V-TOPO-BDST, Name: T2). At the moment we have 29 of these.
  2. by Land Board team, and then recorded by our team. In this case, there are several different situations:
    • Government Stones: they are physically present in the field, are visible and we can survey them, and for sure they have been placed by GOvernment Surveyors. The category and name are V-TOPO-GBST, T61. At the moment we have 28 of these.
    • Close Boundary Stones: their location is identified by Land Board, but the stones are not physically present (if they have been removed) or are not visible (if they have been covered by earth, e.g. in bunds), or are indicated by stoned placed by Auroville Land Board (this info is usually shared by Land Board surveyors). The category and name are V-TOPO-CBST, T62. At the moment we have 23 of these.
    • Approximate Boundary Stones: their location is approximately identified by Land Board surveyor, but for some reason the location is not accessible (dense bush, thorns, etc.), so a nearby point is surveyed, therefore its position is only approximate. The category and name are V-TOPO-ABST, T63. At the moment we do not have any of these.

As said, so far in Gisaf the boundary stones (43 of them) have been all stored in V-TOPO-BDST (T2), irrespective of their status.

Now data have been cleared, and a text file has been created for each of the above categories.

The first thing to be done should be to delete all the points stored now in the T2 table, and then upload one by one the text files, and import into the database.

Kindly let me know if I can proceed deleting the points from the Admin interface.



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Isn't it a job for reconciliation?

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