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Gisaf not responding

Added by Giulio Di Anastasio about 2 years ago. Updated about 2 years ago.

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Dear Philippe,
I see that Gisaf is not responding right now, it is not connecting and the list of layer is also weird (see screenshot 1 attached). This morning also it did not work, but in a different way: the list of layer was always loading but not showing... I could not take a screenshot because I was not in the office on someone else's laptop...

Sorry but I don't really know how better to explain the issue...

Screenshot_1.jpg View (56.5 KB) Giulio Di Anastasio, 09/03/2022 15:45



#1 Updated by Philippe May about 2 years ago

Just restarted the Gisaf processes and the web site is responding normally.

Investigating now.

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[@Giulio: you can skip below, these are technical notes]

Get errors like this in the logs:

Mar 03 10:36:50 gisaf2 python[789]: graphql.error.located_error.GraphQLLocatedError: This connection is already released permanently.
Mar 03 10:50:54 gisaf2 python[789]: graphql.error.located_error.GraphQLLocatedError: connection was closed in the middle of operation
 Mar 03 10:51:33 gisaf2 python[789]: asyncpg.exceptions._base.InterfaceError: cannot perform operation: another operation is in progress

So, it's quite surely a problem with the connection to the database which is closed (released).

It's not easy to know for sure what's the root cause: which other operation is in progress?

One possibility is with ogcapi (see #10948), which is enabled but not fully implemented as async, thus there's a risk that the threads are blocked.

For the time being, i have deactivated ogcapi since it's a feature i developed mostly for... collaborative work with other services and mostly TDC grin .

#3 Updated by Philippe May about 2 years ago

Note to Giulio: i didn't receive a mail for this ticket because i was not the assignee.

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