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Units for Wind speed in automatic weather stations

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Dear Philippe, I came across this webpage which has been recently been set up by Bhuvan, the Indian Geo-Platform of ISRO (as they call themselves)
They have set up some particular stations for measuring certain parameters, in some locations (you can see the locations on the page)
Among other places, they have installed one station at Tindivanam, which is not far from here. I then checked the windspeed as reported in their web page, and compared with our windspeed: the order of magnitude of the reading is quite similar, but their unit is m/s, while our is km/h. Most probably their unit is correct. I checked our reading for yesterday, it was 4: if it is km/h then it is really very low. But if it is m/s then it becomes about 14 km/h which might be quite true.
Kindly give it some thought, we might need to re-define the unit...


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I vaguely remember that we had this discussion when we set up the weather station. I first wanted to use m/s but then it makes sense for most people to use km/h. So the values are converted to km/h in the database, and shown as such in the graphs.

I don't think that one can say that one is correct and the other is not.

Probably the value you got (4 km/h) is the daily average: i don't think there's anything wrong with that.

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