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About the Auroville CSR Geomatics Studio

We are a team working on geographical and related information with an engineering and scientific approach. The concept of geomatics is explained here:

We develop, maintain and publish data on this web site:


Currently, the team consists of:

  • Bala
  • Giulio
  • Philippe
  • Raj
  • Ram
  • Selvarani


Quick report of the collaborations the Geomatics Team the areas of work: see collaborations.

Our workflow

See Workflow.

Working with Gisaf

Survey data

Raw survey data are contained in CSV files, typically downloaded from surveying instruments.

See more information of the process for the survey data (including a flow diagram): Survey data


The categories define the types of the geographical features.

See Categories

QGis: work on shapefiles

Go to shapefiles.

Data analysis

See Data analysis


The team is located in the CSR of Auroville.

We have setup a server for hosting the software and database. See CSR_server for technical information about the setup.

Backup and restoration of the database

See db-support


Survey equipment

See survey equipment

Weather station

See Ambient_Weather_weather_station

Plan for future

Beside living well, see plan.


Links and references


Old docs

Data (measurements, auxiliary tables)

Pavneet's docs (imported from gisaf's wiki)

Rules of Map making - What all Maps should have!
Survey Database
Field to finish
Survey Data Post-Processing
Wells Documentation
Civil 3D useful commands
Online references for Civil 3D
connections in QGIS- using browser panel and Add postGIS
Reconcilation of Raw survey data using pgAdmin
importing RAW data to GISAF
Editing Z value of features in Shapefiles in QGIS
Miscellaneous- Civil 3D
Documentation- Rain Gauge
Documentation- Wells Monitoring (Piezometer by Bala)
Documentation- Flow meter, by Bala
Documentation- DST- Vegetation Indexing
Documentation- DST- Interpolation
Documentation- DST- Survey- Office workflow
From CAD to GIS, by Giulio
QGIS- Miscellaneous

Giulio's documentation

Documentation - Reconciliation of points using Gisaf
Documentation - Status and Status Changes
Documentation - Tags retained after re-import of same geometry