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Birdfont file of Symbols

Added by Selvarani C 2 months ago. Updated 24 days ago.

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Hi Philippe,

I have downloaded the birdfont file of yours from Redmine and I have replied the file with new symbols.
Here below i have attached that updated birdfont file, Please find it. (6.33 MB) Selvarani C, 18/01/2023 12:31

Gisaf_Fonts_2022-12-23.ttf (8.67 MB) Selvarani C, 17/02/2023 11:17

Default UniCodes.docx (11.7 KB) Selvarani C, 02/03/2023 16:11 (6.35 MB) Selvarani C, 02/03/2023 16:12

Gisaf_Fonts_2022-12-23.ttf (8.67 MB) Selvarani C, 02/03/2023 16:12


#1 Updated by Philippe May about 1 month ago

  • Assignee changed from Philippe May to Selvarani C

This file is incredibly big! The original is less than 200kB, 30 times smaller than this one, only for around 100 more glyphs.

I could open few glyphs (characters) in Birdfont and noticed that there are a lot of useless points defining the paths (Bezier curves). Generally, we try to draw the shapes with the least possible points.

I fear that it might impact greatly the performance of Gisaf - we can try though, but the ideal would be to simplify those path.

Meanwhile, i cannot convert the file to .ttf, which is the first step. The software just hangs. Can you please try, using the export function?

#2 Updated by Selvarani C about 1 month ago

Hi Philippe,

Here below i have attached the .ttf of the same file, Please find it.

#3 Updated by Philippe May about 1 month ago

Thanks. As i feared, the .ttf file is very big, 30 times bigger than the original. This will definitely impact the performance of Gisaf (loading time, rendering time...) Acceptable or not, we'll see.

#4 Updated by Philippe May 29 days ago

OK, after quite a lot of work in-between (various major updates) i could generate the font files for the map and... they are almost the same size than previously bowtie! So i'm optimistic now that this new font won't create any issue with the rendering.

But there will be quite a lot of work adjusting all the layers with the new character codes. Some you can do (the survey/ISO layers), others i'll have to do (the "Misc" ones).

I hope i can put the new version online tomorrow. We're almost there, thanks for your patience.

#5 Updated by Selvarani C 24 days ago

Hi Philippe,

Here below i have attached the updated bird font file, ttf file and doc file with default symbols.
Please find it. Thanks.

#6 Updated by Philippe May 24 days ago

Thanks. For reference, the default characters (please avoid attaching files when a simple copy/paste is possible):

Point Default Code - U+e32b (0xe32b)
Line Default Code - U+e32c (0xe32c)
Polygon Default Code - U+e32d (0xe32d)
Well Default Code - U+e32e (0xe32e)

Note that i'm currently working on the server, updates etc, so it Gisaf might not be available.

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